Complete Factory Reset On HP LaserJet 500 Color m551n

HP LaserJet 500 Color m551 Printer We recently had a customer that needed to reset the password on a HP LaserJet 500 Color m551n printer. To completely reset the printer back to original factory settings do the following: Turn the printer on. Press the Stop button when the Ready, Data, and Attention LEDs are illuminated [...]



Solving Microsoft Windows 7 Update Error Code: 0×80070057

We have ran into this update on several occasions as the result of computers being overtaken by different malware programs that damage Microsoft Windows Update and thought we would share our solution. Microsoft Windows Update corruption errors can prevent updates and service packs from installing. We have solved this issue by first going into msconfig.exe [...]

How to start Postgresql & Metasploit Service on Kali Linux

After initially running Metasploit, I noticed that it would not connect up to the database the after I restarted the computer. To correct this issue we must make sure and start the services using the below code snippets. Starting and Testing Postgresql You can do this by opening a terminal window and typing the following: [...]



Kali Linux- Using FPing to conduct network ping sweeps

FPing is a very handy tool for running ping sweeps on a network. It is built into the latest release of Kali Linux and is ran from a terminal window. There are a couple switches that you should be familiar with when using this tool. The first of which is -a, this switch is used [...]

Website Mirroring using the wget command with Kali Linux

This is a cool little tool that allows you download an entire website to your computer for evaluation. The tool only works for non-server side pages. Below is the screenshot when we ran it against our website. The entire website is downloaded to the root folder on the local computer. Below is screen shot of [...]



Installing Kali Linux with a USB drive

Being able to quickly install Kali Linux from a USB drive is very handy. We have put together the below instructions which demonstrate how to quickly create your Kali Linux ISO image on a USB thumb drive. First, we must burn the Kali ISO image on the USB drive. To accomplish this we will need [...]

TIP – Kali Linux Live Default Password

Kalli Linux is the most advanced penetration testing Linux distribution available. If you go to run the Kalli Linux live distribution you will be prompted for a password. The default username is root and the default password is toor, all lowercase. If you need assistance with penetration testing give the IT Professionals from IT Master [...]